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Wooden windows were used in masses in construction industry to 90’, but they weren’t liked because of their low quality handiwork and lack of aesthetic. Currently this situation has changed because the type of wood has changed to this glued lamellar. They are being painted with varnishes, which are resistant to atmospheric factors. Owning to this fact, the wooden windows durability has been improved as well as handiwork’s aesthetic. Taking care of correct selection of material and using wide range of innovative technologies allowed to eliminate former wooden windows’ defects.

Our main proveidor – Witraż okna – is the company with many years’ experience, qualified personnel and modern machines. Experienced personnel produce high quality window frames door joinery adapted to customers’ requirements from the view of modern design and high degree of products’ quality. 
Witraż okna produces windows and doors from pine or exotic wood (mahogany). Material used in production is precisely selected and preserve to drying process. During production a special care is taking to have assurance wood has no knots. Prepared material after long-term drying process is glued three-layerly. Using modern technology in forestry activities results the profiles have solid physical parameters. The wood is having more and more resistance to atmospheric factors, like air’s humidity and temperature changes.

Wooden windows’ profiles are secured with insecticides and anti-fungal impregnation. The profiles’ surface is secured with famous firms Glori and Remmers’ waterproofs varnishes. The varnishes covering the windows’ surface are applied in several layers, which guarantee perfect look and unchanged technical values for many years. The guarantee of experienced varnish firms feeds through durability and resistance to mechanical damages and secured from harmful effect of UV rays of wooden windows we offer.

Our company offer you high quality wooden windows adjusted to individual preferences in the view of aesthetical likings as well as of any size and shapes. We assure precise measurement and professional advising.

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Profil 68SOFT Profil 78SOFT Profil 68RETRO Profil 78RETRO


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