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PCV Aluplast windows

aluplast janik okna krakówWindows made in ALUPLAST IDEAL 4000 system, which is one of the most technically advanced PCV windows’ systems in Europe. Received certificates and prizes only confirm this fact. Windows’ profiles don’t contain harmful substances neither for human nor for environment. They are produced of high impact not foamed PCV, so the ideal white colour can be preserved for many years of exploitation. In this system it is possible to create window in every shape. The customer has freedom while choosing the type of the glazing bleads and the profiles’ heights. Therefore it’s easy to create any design of windows and larger glasses’ surface.
ALUPLAST IDEAL 4000 it’s 5-6-celled system with the most popular depth of installation depth, 70 mm. PCV Aluplast windows are with glazing gaskets, 15-degrees leap from the frame’s verge, which guarantees optimal drainage. 13 mm shift groove’s axle from the frame’s verge enables using wider abutment, which enlarge it’s resistance to burglary.  Durable and innovative EPDM gaskets guarantee that plastic Aluplast windows are leakproof and reliable. Aluplast windows have modern and elegant design with delicate rounding and haunches. Smooth surface of the PCV window’s frame ensures cleaning and maintenance. Plastic Aluplast Ideal 4000 windows are having one more asset – the larger glazing’s surface, which is received with lowered height of window’s frames and casements of 5 mm.   

Aluplast Ideal 4000 niezlicowany

okna pcv aluplast ideal 4000 niezlicowane - janik okna

Aluplast Ideal 4000 półzlicowany

okna pcv aluplast ideal 4000 - okna janik

Aluplast Ideal 4000 Round line

okna pcv ideal 4000 roundline -okna janik

Aluplast Ideal 4000 6 - komorowy

okna pcv aluplat 6 komorowe ideal 4000 - okna janik























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okna, drzwi parapety krakówokna, drzwi parapety krakówokna, drzwi parapety krakówokna, drzwi parapety krakówokna, drzwi parapety krakówokna, drzwi parapety kraków
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