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PCV windows

We offer PCV profiled windows characterized by the highest quality handiwork, rational solutions, functionality and care of solar energy economy. Various profiles’ shapes in a wide variety of colours, made with the highest care, stand out with interesting aesthetical look.  
The major advantages of PCV profiles are resistance to corrosion, to chemical impact and atmospheric factors as well as their industrial treatment easiness and linking. PCV windows are easy to exploit, so their surface doesn’t need any preserving interventions. All it needs is warm water with cleaner, which is generally used at home.
PCV is a generally used shortcut of basic material used to produce such type of windows that is polyvinyl chloride. Manufacture of poliynl chloride depends on separating ethylene from petrolelum and salt from chloride. From these two separated substances forms vinyl chloride, subjected to the process of polymerization, and its last product is polyvinyl chloride. To such made material can be added plasticizers (in proportion from 20 to 70%) causing softening material.   
It’s need to emphasize that the generally used shortcut PCV is incorrect. In international nomenclature PVC shortcut is used from polyvinyl chloride. In Polish PCW shortcut is correct from polychloride vinyl. PCV is incorrect shortcut as well as in the international nomenclature so in Polish. Therefore we use PCV current shortcut consciously, however we know it’s incorrect.
Since 30 years huge changes have been made in the quality and functionality of PCV windows. Changes like turning yellow, grey or profile warping are uncommon nowadays. Results of studies, which were disregarded by the European Union, have overthrown lots of myths about PCV windows’ harmfulness to human and environment. Most recent generation of profiles is produced without cadmium and lead. Huge achievement form the ecological view is the possibility of recycling used PCV windows’ frames. The material, which forms in this process, can be used again to produce new profiles.    
Fittings are quite important windows’ elements. They offer many facilities, like the possibility of opening degree regulation by door-handle or the possibility to open the balcony door from outside. Nowadays plastic windows are produced with microventilation systems. They offer wide range of antiburglar security systems. They can also be equipped in opening and closing drives navigated by different electronic systems located in buildings.    
We have in our offer every kind of PCV windows from profile ENCORE, ALUPLAST, VEKA, SALAMANDER, BRUGMANN.
In our offer you can find, eg.:

- PCV windows Encore (PCV windows on Encore profile)
- PCV windows Aluplast (PCV windows on firm Aluplast profile)
- PCV windows Veka (PCV windows on firm VEKA profile)
- PCV windows Salamander (PCV windows on firm Salamander profile)
- PCV windows Brugmann BluEvolution (PCV windows on firm Brugmann profile)

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Aluplast - okna, drzwi parapety kraków Salamander - okna, drzwi parapety kraków Bruegmann - okna, drzwi parapety kraków Veka - okna, drzwi parapety kraków Encore - okna, drzwi parapety kraków Skylight - okna, drzwi parapety kraków