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Aluminum windows produced by our providers are perfect to new and renewable buildings. They are available in the wide range of colours and in any size. Depending on the type of used glass the windows can be produce with various U value of thermal insulation. Aluminum profiles enable creating varied constructions. From aluminum profiles can be produced facades has been constructed around a system of aluminum poles and bolts filled with glass, latex or aluminum panels. From profiles used in facades building, the skylights, conservatories and even the glass roofs can be made. 
Aluminum windows and doors are used in public buildings, in production halls, in business, in gastronomic, in office. Special profiles’ covers enables assembling windows in antique buildings. Powder coating aluminum profiles available in wide range of colours broaden the number of possibilities of using aluminum windows. Adequate gasqets’ systems used in these windows guarantee perfect protection against atmospheric factors and noise.      
Aluminum profiles without thermal isolation unable creating various constructions to interior installation. Various colours’ scale gives numerous possibilities in constructing partitioning, spatial structures, vestibules and shower cabins. 
Aluminum windows are having one more advantage. They can be protective from the smoke and fire.
In our offer you find e.g. aluminum windows and doors produced by Aliplast, in two systems:      

  • Imperial with thermal transmission (so-called warm aluminum),
  • Ekonoline without thermal isolation (so-called cold aluminum).
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okna, drzwi parapety krakówokna, drzwi parapety krakówokna, drzwi parapety krakówokna, drzwi parapety krakówokna, drzwi parapety krakówokna, drzwi parapety kraków
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